Skellig Island Tour

If you are planning a trip to the Skellig Islands in County Kerry, then you should know well in advance that this is one of those tours that are best enjoyed with pre-booked reservation, otherwise, you will be left at the mercy of chance to get a boat trip. And since boat trips are the only way to get to the islands, you better not to take any chances.

So unless you are okay with limiting your Skellig Island Tour by staying back at Kerry and enjoying the town attractions here is detailed know how of everything related to the Skellig Island Tour bookings.

The Booking Season

Since the tours take place during the summer months, primarily from April to October, the booking game starts from the end of January or February. While in the booking season for boat tours are pretty timed, the opening of bookings for landing tours are dependent on the decisions of the Office of Public Works. Until the officials determine and announce the dates granting access to Skellig Michael landing tours, it is considered restricted. Usually, the land tours are allowed from mid-May to September, give or take.

skellig michael landing tour

Getting a booking on a Boat or Eco Tour on short notice can be a problem, so it’s better to start your booking process from at least a month ahead. You can opt for a landing tour, a boat tour or “eco-tour” that circles around both the Skellig Islands showing you breathtaking views from a comfortable seat. While boat tours are still easier to get, it’s the much-anticipated landing tours that come with limited passes.

Booking In Advance

Ever since Skellig Michael appeared as a filming location in the Star Wars movies, The Force Awakens and the Last Jedi, the already busy booking season crowded by the locals, is added with high demand from international tourists as well.

The best way to book your reservations is to go online. The reservations are usually taken on a prepaid basis. The boat tours are wheelchair accessible, so if you are touring with someone that would be requiring wheelchair accessibility, do inform your boat operator in advance.

The boats usually leave early morning, and unless you have an afternoon reservation, you might need a night stay at Kerry to make it on time to the port.

Good To Know

Booking for a large group can increase your savings, as most boat operators give you a discounted rate for group bookings.

The tours are weather dependent. Even reserved tours can sometimes get canceled or postponed due to weather conditions. If you wish to take a refund of your booking and don’t want to go any other day, you can do that.

Skellig Island

Tour Inclusions

Seats on the boat that will take you to the Skellig Islands. The boat will circle close to the Skellig Michael and Little Skellig crags, showing you· exquisite historical and natural sites and an up-close view. You can take pictures from your boat window or deck and enjoy the scenery with the other passengers.

Rain Gear will be available if you wish to stay outdoors at the deck during a drizzle.

Refreshments on-board can be arranged for specially booked tours that will be priced separately Wheelchair facility.

Tour Costs

Tour costs start from a standard, €40, that can have discounted rates for children and students.